2012 Bread Fair Vendors

Special Tour:  Somerset Grist MillSaturday, July 28th, 8 am to 9 am.  Meet at the yellow garage doors, Somerset Grist Mill, 42 Court Street, Skowhegan, Maine.

Time:    9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Location:    Skowhegan State Fairgrounds, 33 Constitution Avenue (Off Madison Avenue which is also 201 North), Skowhegan, Maine

Admission:  Free

Parking:  $2 for all-day parking at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds


The Old Grey Goose, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Ellen Gawler & Fiddlers, 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.


Scythe Supply, scything techniques
Jim Amaral, Owner, Borealis Bread, Wood-Fired Breads
Paula Marcoux:  history of wood-fired ovens in New England
John Howe:  Small scale threshing
David Neufeld:  Oven building and wood-fired baking of flatbread
Art Haines:  Small scale grain handling equipment

VENDORS (preliminary list, please check back)

Aurora Mills                                                     auroramillsandfarm.net

The Bankery                                                      thebankery.com

The Barefoot Storyteller                                 barefootstoryteller.blogspot.com

Borealis Breads                                               borealisreads.com

BreadPots                                                         motzkin.com/breadpots.htm

The Bread Shack                                             breadshack.com

Cabot Cheese                                                    cabotcheese.coop

Milt Christianson, Artist                               miltchristianson.com

Ray Corson, Woodworking                         etsy.com

Austin Corson, Wood Tools                        etsy.com

Dailey Woodworking                                    daileywoodworking.com

Firefly Farm                                                     enchantedkitchen.org

Good Bread Bakery                                        good-bread.com

GrandyOats                                                     grandyoats.com

Grasslands Farm                                          grasslandorganic farm.com

Greenhorns Documentary                          thegreenhorns.net

Groundswell Farms                                     groundswellseedfarm.com

Gryffon Ridge Spices                                   gryffonridge.com

Hillcrest Foods                                             hillcrestfoodsne.com

John Howe, Thresher Demo                   solarcarandtractor.com

Jones Limited, Hand-Weaving                janicejones.com

King Arthur Flour                                         kingarthurflour.com

Living Grains Bakery

Maine Wood Heat                                         mainewoodheat.com

Maine Grain Alliance                                  kneadingconference.com  
Wood-Fired Pizza

Main Street Skowhegan                              mainstreetskowhegan.org

Richard Miscovich                                       jwu.edu

MOFGA                                                           mofga.org

Mystic Woodworks                                      mysticwoodworks.com

Longfellows Creamery                                longfellowscreamery.com

Now You’re Cooking                                    acooksemporium.com

Old Mill Pub                                                   oldmillpub.net
featuring Oak Pond Brewery                      oakpondbrewery.com

One Woman Studio                                      onewomanstudio.com

River Roads Gallery                                     riverroadsgallery.com

Songbird Farm

Stone Turtle Baking School                       stoneturtlebaking.com

Stony Knolls Cheese                                    mainegoats.com

Scythe Supply                                                 scythesupply.com

Somerset Grist Mill                                     somersetgristmill.blogspot.com

Vargtimmen                                                  Kneading Conference Bakery