Thank you for making the 2015 Kneading Conference a success! We look forward to next year. Register today!

Keynote speaker: Peter Reinhart
“Bread Has A Story To Tell”

Outline of Confirmed Sessions & Topics:

  • Exclusive Workshop for Home Bakers with Andy & Jackie King (attendance limited)
  • Wood-Fired Production Baking Workshop with Sharon Burns-Leader & Michael Rhoads (application required)
  • Pricing Artisan Foods with Peter Sonnenstein of Tom Cat Bakery
  • People Management with Christopher Papagni, formerly of the French Culinary Institute
  • Sam Fromartz, author of In Search Of The Perfect Loaf
  • Combustion and fire building skills
  • Gluten 2.0 with Dusty Dowse and Susan Cochrane, Ph.D.
  • Nurturing our heritage breed seed supply with Richard Roberts, of the Maine Grain Alliance Seed Saving Project
  • Plus, Nancy Harmon Jenkins joining for an inspirational evening talk