The Maine Grain Alliance is thrilled to announce…

Sarah Owens will keynote the 2018 Kneading Conference

Sarah Owens is a New York City based cookbook author, baker, professional horticulturist, and instructor. She was awarded a James Beard for her first book Sourdough and released her second in August 2017 titled Toast & Jam. Sarah believes strongly in the power of baking to foster community and social change; she is an advocate of sustainable agricultural practices and stone milling to bring good grain back to the table. As a teacher of nourishing food traditions, she travels globally to encourage an interest in fermentation and mindful food systems and has helped establish a bakery in Tripoli, Lebanon working with Syrian refugees. Her own subscription bakery BK17 and workshop space is located in Rockaway Beach, NY where she teaches the alchemy and digestive benefits of natural leavening.


Sarah is an autodidactic baker and gardener with a thirst for travel and an insatiable hunger for creativity in the kitchen.  She grew up in Clinton, Tennessee, and received her BA with an emphasis in ceramics from Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.  After receiving a certificate from the New York Botanical Garden’s School of Professional Horticulture, she spent six years as curator of the historic Cranford Rose Garden and Rose Arc Pool at Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Sarah teaches workshops on natural leavening, fermenting, and horticulture worldwide.
Most recently, Sarah has been working with the Sadalsuud Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting Syrian refugees and building community throughout Lebanon. Sarah traveled to Beirut and Tripoli to help establish a naturally leavened bakery and to teach women how to maintain a starter and produce and bake sustainable, hearth-style breads. She is working with Sadalsuud to hopefully go back to Lebanon this year to develop a pastry program as well. When not traveling, Sarah lives and teaches seaside on New York’s Rockaway Peninsula.
Sarah has also offered to lead a workshop at the Kneading Conference so stay tuned! We couldn’t be more excited!

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Each year we gather farmers, millers, bakers, maltsters, researchers, and grain enthusiasts from around the world for two days of intensive baking workshops, wood-fired oven building workshops, and discussions about grain growing and running grain businesses. Attendees choose from hands-on workshops, live demonstrations, lectures, panel discussions, field trips and more.

Our 2018 Kneading Conference Schedule:


2018 Kneading Conference Schedule


Stay tuned for even more speakers, workshop descriptions, and surprises.