Stay tuned! We will be announcing our 2020 Keynote Speaker soon! 

Take a peek below at our 2019 Keynote, Kimberly Bell, to get a taste of what The Kneading Conference is all about.

Kimberly Bell: Keynote the 2019 Kneading Conference

Occupying the kitchen of a former inner city school in Nottingham, England, Kimberley and the team at Small Food Bakery make breads, pastries preserves and meals from scratch, buying ingredients directly from farmers and selling directly to customers from their production kitchen. Their objective is to demonstrate that small, human scale food manufacturing and direct trade are what’s needed to enable transition to a new, more resilient kind of agriculture; one that supports a healthy biosphere while feeding everyone on the planet.

Small Food Bakery won the BBC Award for best Food Producer in the UK 2018.

Kimberley is an advocate for cultural change in our food system, calling for the breaking up of supermarket monopolies in favour of the lateral growth of many, diverse solutions delivered by small food businesses. In 2017 she co-founded UK Grain Lab to help strengthen the community of bakers, millers, scientists and farmers working to build a prosperous non commodity grain economy in the UK.




Learn all about Kimberley and her work at the UK Grain Lab on this podcast episode of Farmerama. In the episode we learn about grain populations and heritage grains, innovative projects that connect millers, bakers and farmers and we hear from bakers around the world experimenting with more diverse flours.


We think you’ll also enjoy this interview with Kimberley on Yield/Quality and the rise of an alternative grain network. Kimberley discusses working with ORC Wakelyns Wheat Population, the current state of play and approaches to alternative systems.
Kimberley has also offered to lead a workshop at the Kneading Conference! We couldn’t be more excited!


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Each year we gather farmers, millers, bakers, maltsters, researchers, and grain enthusiasts from around the world for two days of intensive baking workshops, wood-fired oven building workshops, and discussions about grain growing and running grain businesses. Attendees choose from hands-on workshops, live demonstrations, lectures, panel discussions, field trips and more.

Stay tuned for even more speakers, workshop descriptions, and surprises. Schedule is subject to change on occasion.


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