The Maine Grain Alliance is pleased to offer a two-day course covering all aspects of being the proprietor of a village artisan bakery. The curriculum will be on target whether this is just a gleam in your eye or you have been in the business for some time. We have recruited expert professionals to cover marketing, financial management, equipment needs and, of course, hands-on production baking in a fully-equipped kitchen.


Allison Reid
Allison is one of the co-founders/owners of Scratch Baking Co. in South Portland, where She, her business partners and their baking colleagues have been baking up neighborhood love for over 15 years. Always a student, Allison continues to learn and grow from all the fine bakers that have been on the teams at Scratch as well as all the amazing folks dedicated to grain across the state of Maine and beyond. Aside from baking, she loves to cook, Paddle, surf, ride, run and play outside as much as she can.

Event Organizer: Dusty Dowse

Dusty Dowse has been baking bread for nearly a half century.  He is Professor Emeritus of Biology and Mathematics at the University of Maine and has applied his formal scientific expertise to his baking, resulting in studies on sourdough and yeast microbiology and the physics of refractory materials and heat flow in masonry ovens.  He is a charter MGA board member and directs the Maine Artisan Bread Fair, is Director of Education for MGA as well as its resident baking advisor. Each September he leads a team of bakers that produces fresh bread in wood-fired ovens on site for the volunteer kitchen at the Common Ground Fair. After retirement, he started his own bakery, Lammastide Bakers, which he operates on a largely wholesale basis. He also has had experience owning and operating the Cambridge General Store and restaurant.

Jim McConnon
Jim is an Extension Specialist and Professor of Economics and the University of Maine. Since arriving in Maine in 1989, he has conducted educational programs across the state and New England Region helping entrepreneurs improve their business management practices. His research has focused on topics such as: regional retail trade patterns, economic impact analysis, economic importance of home-based and micro-enterprises, agri-tourism, and small business development. Along with his wife Elizabeth, he currently owns and operates Wildwood Farm, a fifty-acre Certified American Tree Farm, in Orono, Maine.
Patti Dowse
Patti was owner and designer at Erda, an arty handbag company, for 43 years. Having made the mistake of thinking it was possible to avoid dealing with financial issues, she relied upon someone else’s financial acumen. Hence, 18 years in, she found herself deep in debt, and had to learn financial management from the ground up. She rebuilt her company, and sold Erda in 2013. Supposedly retired, devotes herself to helping other people avoid this pitfall.



Cost: $225

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