In this presentation, wood-fired pizza production will be covered in full detail, starting with recipes for dough, scaling, shaping, handling and storage of the dough, plus sauce and toppings.  Whether for a modest home party or full-scale, high-volume mobile vending, this workshop will have the answers.

This workshop is led by Kneading Conference alums Alec Rutter and Kim Chaurette of Rover Wood Fired Pizza and Bagels. Rover started as a crazy idea tossed back and forth between Kim and Alec over the shaping table at the bakery where we both worked. Though Rover started as pop-up in Massachusetts, it has evolved over time to become a brick and mortar bakery in Biddeford, Maine. Rover’s offerings have evolved as well and now include bagels, pastries, and pizza all made with top quality local flours.