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The Maine Grain Alliance Grows Businesses!

The Maine Grain Alliance awards grants of $250 – $1,000 to fund need-based technical assistance and equipment that will help grain-based business owners secure economic opportunities in Maine.

Examples of technical assistance might include, but are not limited to: hiring someone to help with business planning, hiring a consultant, advisor or expert, marketing/logo/brand development, website creation, attending a course or mentoring opportunity, hiring an architect, engineer, mechanical specialist, or buying a needed piece of machinery or getting legal support.

Technical Assistance Grants are awarded with the intent of strengthening the cluster of grains businesses in Maine.


Request for Proposals

Maine Grain Alliance

PO Box 1140, Skowhegan, Maine 04976


Technical Assistance Grant Program

For immediate release

November 5, 2019

The Maine Grain Alliance seeks applications to award mini-grants of $250 – $1,000 to fund need-based technical assistance (TA) and equipment that will help grain-based business owners secure economic opportunities in Maine.

Grain-based business owners and entrepreneurs demonstrating financial need are welcome to apply. The Maine Grain Alliance is especially interested in assisting participants, presenters, panelists, work-study students, and scholarship recipients of the Kneading Conference which has been held annually since 2007.

The Maine Grain Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization. This technical assistance grant program is made possible by the generous support of Skowhegan Savings and Allagash Brewing Company.

Please email completed proposals to:

Application Deadline: January 15th, 2020 5:00 pm

Awards Announcement: Late January 2020

Your Application should not exceed 2 pages in length. Please include information on the following:

Brief Business Overview

Brief description of TA/Equipment need

Identified TA provider, scope of work and timeline

TA provider hourly rate

Total cost of TA or Equipment (if a grant from MGA will not cover the full cost of the TA, please indicate how the balance of the cost will be covered)


2019 Technical Assistance Grant Awardees
The Maine Grain Alliance is proud to announce the awardees of our latest round of technical assistance grants. Our grants of $250-$1,000 are used to fund need-based technical assistance and equipment that will help grain-based business owners secure economic opportunities in Maine.
Songbird Farm: $1,000 in support of a grain pallet scale
The Purple Whisk: $500 in support of a logo redesign and launch of a website
Tinder Hearth: $1,000 in support of the hiring of a financial consultant
Tortillería Pachanga: $1,000 in support of the purchase of a specialty tortilla cutter
Lakeshore Farm: $500 in support of hiring professional grain consultants
Ketch Organics: $1,000 in support of the purchase of a corn planter
Odd Alewives Farm Brewery: $800 in support of the purchase of equipment for a hand bottling line
Maine Grains: $471.04 in support of attendance of a ZingTrain professional development business seminar
2018 Technical Assistance Grant Awardees
Bigelow Brewing Company: Awarded $650 to help develop label branding for new cans that will be going out to market.
Biscuits & Company: Awarded $650 to build the Biscuits & Company brand through name & visual recognition by engaging a graphic designer to create a comprehensive suite of marketing materials and labeling that reflect the vibe and the growing energy of their grain based business.
McLaughlin Farms: Awarded $1000 to purchase a used grain dryer to help provide quality products to food grade markets.
Night Moves Bread & Pie: Awarded $800 to help purchase a larger, more efficient oven, a mixer, and a stone mill for milling small lots of grain purchased directly from farmers.

Rusted Rooster Farm: Awarded $1000 to help construct innovative small-scale grain bins with drying and outdoor storing capability.

Wild Folk Farm & the Maine Rice Project: Awarded $850 to improve on an existing prototype rice huller, and build a second one, supporting the goal to have a fleet of human powered equipment for Wild Folk to use and share on and off the farm.
Rice Huller Prototype
The huller to the right was built in 2017 as a prototype by Wild Folk Farm.  It is transportable, extremely durable, and is convertible to run with a bike or a motor.
Interested in contributing to our TA Grant Program? Please contact
Special thanks to Skowhegan Savings & Slow Money Maine for helping make this program possible.