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The Maine Grain Alliance Grows Businesses!

The Maine Grain Alliance awards grants of $250 – $1,000 to fund need-based technical assistance and equipment that will help grain-based business owners secure economic opportunities in Maine.

Examples of technical assistance might include, but are not limited to: hiring someone to help with business planning, hiring a consultant, advisor or expert, marketing/logo/brand development, website creation, attending a course or mentoring opportunity, hiring an architect, engineer, mechanical specialist, or buying a needed piece of machinery or getting legal support.

Grain-based business owners and entrepreneurs demonstrating financial need are welcome to apply. The Maine Grain Alliance is especially interested in assisting participants, presenters, panelists, work-study students, and scholarship recipients of the Kneading Conference which has been held annually in Skowhegan since 2007.

Technical Assistance Grants are awarded with the intent of strengthening the cluster of grains businesses in Maine.