Kneading Conference 2011 

Jeffery Hamelman was excellent-as he was last year. Ciril Hitz is always a spot on-great teacher; he and his wife are an awesome team.

Our experience was great...wanting to return next year. My daughter is going for the highlights..great samples. Would have liked to see or hear every presenter. Loved the meals.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The food was phenomenal and the people were easy to talk with. I loved being able to hear about the multiple aspects that go into making a loaf of bread, from growing to milling to baking. My only disappointment was my inability to attend the conference in its entirety, an unfortunate side-effect of having only one body.

I truly enjoyed the experience. It’s hard to put into words, but it was an “experience.” The keynote speakers were dynamite! I equally enjoyed talking to my fellow participants.

Loved Stu’s oven-building; missed some people bec of conflicts (like Barak Olins) but got to talk to him (congrats to you for having an event so rich in possibilities that inevitably there are regrets, that’s how it should be). 

I was just thrilled with what I got to experience. From the cool weather right down to threshing the grain was a wonderful experience. I attended to learn how to build a clay oven and to enrich my knowledge of artisan bread baking. The conference not only provided that, but to have first hand experience with top chefs like Chef Michel and Chef Ciril were the frosting on the cake. Another highlight was to meet the professors for Johnson and Wales Culinaary School [Richard Miscovich]. The only disappointment I guess would be I didn’t get to sit in on all of the workshops that I wanted. Guess I’ll have to attend next year.

My time at the conference was wonderful. The highlight for me was the extensive networking and the availability of all the speakers, a disappointment was having to pick between two really great workshops several times and a great moment came for me when I stood surrounded by old baking mentors and brand new baking friends. Thank you for allowing me that time . 

Wonderful! and as Arnold says “I’ll be back!

I really enjoyed the conference – connecting with old friends, making new ones. Enjoyed the Naan Sense and chance to get beer right there and socialize. Nice to not get in the car for any of this.

Really enjoyed the conference. It was my first time and I met lots of great people and left informed and inspired. The highlight was just being in the company of like minded people for a couple of days.

It was fantastic. I learned a tremendous amount about working with sourdough and wood fired ovens. I was wildly inspired.

Very inspiring and connective.

Kneading Conference 2010

The people, the presenters, the food – magnifique!

Excellent practitioners don’t always make the best teachers – but that didn’t hold true here. They are both.

I was impressed by the caliber of presenters and participants – great conversations sustained throughout the event.

A deep thank you for this wonderful experience. As a grandfather I feel more hopeful for the future of my children and grandchildren. I feel more hopeful not because we’re going to change the world but because this community exists.

What I will remember is the knowledge and generosity of the presenters with their time, talent and information including casual conversations in between workshops and at meal times.

Great panels with lots of insightful practical information.

The keynote farmer and baker philosophers provided overall context and meaning.

What stands out is meeting idols, mentors, friends, and like-minded folks.

I am a baking student and it was just so cool to hear everyone that had been in the business talk.

I had so much fun! Thank you.

The most important take-away aspect of the conference is inspiration!

All were welcome – commercial through small subsistence, all points on the compass were learning and sharing together.

It was a wonderful learning opportunity; I met many new and interesting people. Great work, everyone. I enjoyed it very much.

The caring for details, the general sense of intentionality, the depth of experiential knowledge, the genuineness of the faculty, staff and participants, tapping the spirituality of nourishment and connections – thank you.