This workshop has been postponed until further notice. Please stay tuned as we will be updating information as soon as possible. Thank you.

Baking with Buckwheat:  a workshop for [experienced] home bakers looking to incorporate buckwheat into artisan baking methods using sourdough and preferment starters.

Buckwheat has played a vital role in the grain culture and economy of Maine for generations and will be an indispensable crop in a revitalized grain economy as well.  Buckwheat serves as an important cover crop, enhances soil and deserves to be part of a rotational plan for farms.  When the wheat crops in the Valley of Aroostook County experienced an historic failure in the 1870s tartary buckwheat became more prominent alternative to wheat.  Notwithstanding the name buckwheat is not actually wheat but a pseudo cereal therefore does not contain gluten.  For that reason including buckwheat into bread can be challenging.  Both common buckwheat (brown) and tartary buckwheat (yellowish) will be used as we bake with this heritage Maine grain.

Join Fr. Paul Dumais and Ora Breads volunteer bakers guild in Jay where they are happy to host local bakers in celebrating buckwheat!  Workshop limited 8 people.  Location:  1 Church Street, Jay, Maine 04239.  Time Saturday March 21 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

About Fr. Paul: Originally from Madawaska, Maine, Fr. Paul Dumais is a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Portland currently serving as the pastor of St. Rose of Lima, Jay and St. Joseph, Farmington where he resides. During a hiatus from college Dumais was introduced to all the facets of the wonder of good bread as real food when working on a Kansas wheat farm. Since presenting at the Kneading Conference 2014 when Fr. Paul reintroduced a naturally leavened ploye like his great grandmother would have made, his adventures in ploye making have been chronicled in the Sun Journal, the Portland Press Herald, Catholic Rural Life, Saveur online and most recently in Breadlines, the journal of the Bread Baker’s Guild of America.