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We love our sponsors! 

The success of the Maine Grain Alliance is made possible by the generosity of many individuals, businesses, and organizations. For information about sponsoring MGA or any of our programs, please visit Join Our Sponsors! or contact tristan@mainegrainalliance.com.

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2019 Kneading Conference Sponsors

Presenting ($10,000+)





Contributor ($5,000+)


Leader ($2,500+)












Benefactor ($1000+)



Sustainer ($500) 



2019 Maine Artisan Bread Fair Sponsors

Contributing Sponsor ($1,000+)






Patron ($500+)






Rare & Heritage Seed Restoration Program Supporter





2019 Technical Assistance Grant Sponsors





Foundations and Institutions

The Betterment Fund







Support for our Mission

Supporting Business Members

ZU Bakery
Wolfgang Mock, Inc. The Bankery