Vendor Criteria and Guidelines

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Fair Details

Fair Date: July 25th, 2020
Hours 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
Early Application Deadline: April 24th, 2020

Application Process:

Please complete the online vendor application, or:

Download and mail your application to: Maine Grain Alliance, Attn: Bread Fair, PO Box 1140, Skowhegan, ME 04976

We will assess applications upon receipt, and quickly alert everyone with the results as soon after April 24th as practicable. Space allowing, we may accept applications after that date.

Vendor Details & Pricing

      • We cannot supply tables, chairs, or other equipment.
      • Indoor space, 10’ X 10’: $75
      • Outdoors space, 10’ X 10’: $50
      • Weather protection is your responsibility.  Multiple spaces will be available outside.  Anyone with an outdoor booth may relocate under the grandstand in the case of rain.

Appropriate Applicants and Criteria:

Food Vendors:

      • Bakers of artisan breads of all kinds. Bakers must produce their wares in the State of Maine, with at least a portion of the process done by hand. There is no restriction on the type of flour used, but if possible, use of locally grown grains where possible would be appreciated. Local grain production is part of the overall mission of the Maine Grain Alliance which sponsors the Kneading Conference and the Fair.
      • We encourage applications from vendors providing food to be consumed by the fairgoers such as pizza, or food dishes to complement the bread being sold, e.g. local cheeses, meats, curries, stews, etc. Vegetarian/Vegan dishes are welcome additions. NB: If you are going to be selling food, you MUST produce your wares in a State Certified manner and this is your responsibility.

Purveyors of:

      • Bread making and kitchen equipment, including ovens, mixers etc., new and used, for the amateur or professional.
      • Grain and grain seed, including heritage varieties when available.
      • Small grain-growing farm equipment, new and used.
      • Artisan baking flours and baking adjuncts like flavorings.
      • Books, crafts, and art related to agriculture, baking, grain growing and flour production.

Bread Fair Guidelines

Setup time:  The grounds will be open at 7:00 A.M. and the fair will start promptly at 9:00, July 25th.

Fair Director: Dusty Dowse,

Vendor Coordinator: Patti Dowse

General Guidelines for the Artisan Bread Fair (ABF)

1.  The ABF does not permit pets on the fairgrounds or in the parking area.  Animals left in cars or tied up may be removed by the local animal control officer.

2.  ABF enforces Maine laws prohibiting public drinking of alcohol and use of illegal drugs on the fairgrounds.

3.  Audio and video devices are prohibited unless they are part of an approved demonstration or display.

4.  Littering is prohibited.  Please control all waste and convey it to the receptacles provided throughout the fair and police your area at the end of the day.

5.  ABF assumes no liability for damage to or loss of personal property.

6.  Vendors are not permitted to change booth space as assigned by the fair committee.

7.  Vendors must restrict their activities to the booth space assigned, and hawking of wares is prohibited.

8.  ABFTS does not provide tables, chairs, or display hardware or racks.  The vendors are responsible for furnishing the space assigned.

9.  Signs and banners can be attached to tent poles, walls etc. only by string or tape.

10.  No holes may be dug.

11.  Fires may be built only in approved ovens or other devices.

12.  Any vendor using cooking equipment must have a 40 BC-minimum fire extinguisher.  The Fire Marshal requires that propane tanks be secured firmly on a hard, non-combustible surface such as cement blocks.

13.  Vendors should prepare for inclement weather.  Do not fill puddles with hay or shavings.

14.  Vendors must be set up and ready by the start of the fair at 9:00 AM, Saturday, August 1.

15.  Booths must be staffed for the duration of the fair.

16.  Vendors should bring adequate wares, etc. to last for the duration of the fair.

17.  Vendors should not begin to break down displays, booths, etc. until the fair is over at 3:00 and the Director or Vendor Coordinator gives notice.

18.  All booth materials brought must be removed completely.

19.  Vendors must report earnings and worker’s pay to the IRS and the State of Maine.  The State of Maine requires that commercial vendors be listed and their tax ID numbers be reported to the State Tax Office.

20.  Vendors must obtain any necessary liability and general insurance coverage for their activities and must adhere to all local and state ordinances.  The Fair maintains no vendor coverage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]