The Kneading Conference Work/Study Program is intended for those who show high interest in baking, milling, and/or grain growing and who need help in meeting the expense of the July conference. In exchange for a $350 registration fee, accepted applicants pay $100 and will receive free camping on site, meals from Wednesday night through Saturday morning, and the chance to learn and work with some of the big names in baking, milling, oven building, and grain growing. You will have ample time to attend conference workshops and lectures, and many will have the opportunity to assist presenters. Beginning at 11AM on Wednesday, you will join the event co-ordinators in setting up for the Kneading Conference. This effort will take 6-7 hours and then you will be invited to attend the Welcome Dinner with presenters. During the Thursday and Friday of the Kneading Conference, you will rotate amongst jobs designed to help registrants and presenters. These jobs include helping in the kitchen (from preparation, serving, through dishwashing and clean up), assisting presenters, being ambassadors for the MGA. On Friday afternoon, you will clean up after the Kneading Conference and begin set up for the Bread Fair. You will probably work 3-4 hours on both Thursday and Friday, perhaps a bit more Friday night as we set up for the Bread Fair. On Saturday morning, you will finish setting up for the Bread Fair and help in the various MGA sponsored booths and areas: parking, pizza-production, baking education, bread booth, information booth. At the conclusion of the Bread Fair, you will help return all of the equipment to its original location and work will be complete by 6PM. You will have time to enjoy visiting the many vendors at the Bread Fair, but you will work approximately 6-8 hours that day. You may also be asked to distribute flyers and posters in the months leading up to the conference. While Work/Study people work hard (20-24 hours over the four days), our previous members have enjoyed being on the “inside”, have had great access to the people in the field, have learned through attending several workshops, and have created useful networks. Plus, we have a good time!  
I have to admit that I was nervous before the weekend began, so many talented bakers and professionals in one place — the accumulated acumen was dizzying and I was prepared to feel a bit out of place. My assumptions, per usual, did not prove to be true. The open, welcoming air put off by every MGA board member immediately put my mind at ease. I was truly afraid of feeling like an outsider, and that wasn’t the case for a moment during the week. The event felt more like a celebration — presenters, board members, and other work study members coming together to educate and rejoice in our shared love of food. While I learned a lot about oven building, pasta rolling, and donut frying — the friends and connections I established left me feeling truly grateful for the opportunity. While I’m incredibly inspired to bake, eat, and write about food, I must admit my biggest takeaway from the week has to be the relationships formed. I made friends for life, and learned how to properly glaze a donut.” – Mike Hicks, 2018 Work Study
Apply Now Online If you prefer to print this application download a copy 2020 Work Study Application here. (pdf)  Please mail to: Maine Grain Alliance Attn:  Work Study P. O. Box 1140 Skowhegan, ME  04976 Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.
Note about applying for work/study: if accepted into the program, please mail your check to the Maine Grain Alliance address listed above. Full payment is required to reserve your spot in the work/study program.  Many hands make lighter work, please pay promptly within 30 days so we can ensure enough hands on deck! If you are  accepted but your check is not received within 30 days, we will offer your spot to the next person on the waiting list. For more information, please contact Tristan, tr[email protected].  Be sure to check out “What To Expect“. Please note: Cancellations before July 18th will be reimbursed less a $25 administration fee. Cancellations after July 18th do not receive a refund. Exceptions for outstanding circumstances are made on a case by case basis.