Dusty Dowse

Baking Common Ground Whole Grain Bread


September 25, 2020

Virtual Baking Demonstration

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Dr. Dusty Dowse


Whole grain bread baking

Dusty Dowse


Dusty Dowse has been baking bread for nearly a half century and it is his prime avocation. He is the founder of Lamastide Bakery, named for the festival that celebrated the sharing of bread made from the grain harvest. He is a charter Maine Grain Alliance board member. He directs the Maine Artisan Bread Fair, is Director of Education for Maine Grain Alliance as well as its resident baking advisor. Every September, he helps lead a team of bakers that produce nearly a half ton of fresh bread in wood-fired ovens on site for the volunteer kitchen at the Common Ground Country Fair.

In this instructional baking video, Dusty walks through his Common Ground Whole Grain Bread recipe in his home bakery.

Dusty has been a lifelong advocate for Real Bread.  He presented at the first Kneading Conference.  Dusty is a recently retired professor from UMO where he earned the College Distinguished Teacher award. As a scientist, he keeps up with and shares research underlying baking and grain agriculture.  


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