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We believe regions can grow grain for positive effects on our health, livelihood, landscapes and communities.

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The future requires us to move toward localized, resilient food systems that are healthier for our bodies, our environment, and our economies.  The Kneading Conference gathers what I consider to be the individuals who will become the builders and foundation for the return to our food roots.

Kneading Conference Participant in 2013

Skowhegan, the county seat of Somerset County, was last prosperous when its people had work, the land was utilized for food and industry, and there were businesses that made things.

Starting with the Kneading Conference, the Maine Grain Alliance has spawned a transformation within Skowhegan and nationwide conversations around the ways in which support for local agriculture can strengthen local economies. The Maine Grain Alliance highlights grain as a missing link in a community’s ability to feed itself. We support the use of land for viable food production and building strong businesses that employ people.
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