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Farm to Focaccia

with Theresa Culletto

2hr 4min

Tortillas & Empanadas

With Roxana Jullapat

1HR 48min

Pasta and Focaccia

With Kerry Altiero

2HR 0min

100% Northern European Rye

with Jim Williams

1hr 57min

Wholesome Grains For A Healthy Planet

With Sarah Owens

2HR 0min

Desem Demystified

With Jennifer Lapidus

2HR 9min

Pastiera Italian Easter Ricotta and Wheatberry Tart

With Christy Timon & Abe Faber 

1 HR 53min

Choreg – Armenian Easter Bread 

With Andrew Janjigian

2HR 3min

Why that local flour you bought could just be the future of the US economy

With Amber Lambke

1HR 53min

Wholegrain Holiday Baking

with Dawn Woodward

1hr 30min

Fresh Milling & Whole Grain Bread

With Beesham Soogrim

2HR 2min

Woodfired Baking with Regional Heritage Grains

With David Kaminer and Andy Clark

2HR 06min

My Grandfather’s Bread

With Brian Lance

1Hr 54min

Bread Art

with Judith Lehnhardt

2hr 5min

Matnakash: The Armenian ‘Fingerprint’ Flatbread

With Andrew Janjigian

1HR 56min

Gluten-free and Vegan Summer Treats

With Sarah Magid

1Hr 59min

Intro to Rye & Freshly Milled Flour

with Matthew James Duffy

2hr 3min

Introducing Fermented Nutritional Supplements to Make Healthier Breads

With Dan Leader

1HR 44min

Sourdough Crackers

With Jeff Dec & Lisa Dec

2Hr 01min

Hearth Baked Donuts? You Bet!

with Christy Timon & Abe Faber

1hr 57min

Rye Fermeneted Pryaniki

with Ellie Markovitch

1hr 57min

Fresh Milling & Whole Grains

with Maria Speck

2hr 6min

Baking By Touch, Not Tech

With Ellie Markovitch & Amy Halloran

1Hr 56min

Phyllo Pita

With Marc Levy

1HR 11min

Hybrid Ovens: Affordable, durable, and efficient owner-built bake ovens

with David Neufeld


Entrepreneurship- Shapeshifting and the Skills Required for a “Marathon of Sprints”

With Amber Lambke

1Hr 24min

Going It Alone- Decisions of a Solo Baker

With Barak Olins, Blair Marvin, Dave Miller, Jim Williams, Mike Zakowski

2HR 10min

Keynote Address – 2022 Kneading Conference

With Roxana Jullapat


Beyond Pizza: Versatile Uses for Local Dough on the Menu

with Heather Kerner

1hr 5min

Art at the Intersection of Bread & Community

With Gerald Walsh


Breads From the Hearth 

with Michael Hanson & Evan Orloff

2hr 0min

Bread, Earth, & Fire Movie Night

With Stu Silverstein


Corn From Past to Present

With Dr. Dusty Dowse

2HR 11min

Artisan Techniques for Wood-Fired & Home Baking

with Richard Miscovich from the Kneading Conference Archives

2hr 14min

Artisan Doughnuts

With Rachel Wyman and Stephanie Swane 

2Hr 10min

Baking With Buckwheat

With Father Paul Dumais and Ora Breads

2HR 11min

Sourcing, Milling, & Baking with Heritage Grains

Instructional Video From Amber Lambke & Kerry Hanney

2HR 57min

Baking Common Ground Whole Grain Bread

With Dusty Dowse, MGA Baking Director 


Holiday Pies

Instructional Video From Jacqueline Eng & Kylie Christensen 


The creation of bread, from the molecules and microorganisms to the finished loaf.

with Dr. Dusty Dowse

2hr 5min

Roger Jansen, a grist mill virtuoso, demonstrates the endangered art of grist stone “battening”

from the Kneading Conference Archives


Amber Waves of Gluten: The Story of One of the Most Famous Protein Families

With Cathy Zabinski

1HR 34min

The Battle of shelf life (1 year… No Problem)

with Daniel Des Rosier

1hr 22min

Small Grains as Brewing Ingredients: Perspectives from a brewer and two farmers

With Jason Perkins, Jacob Buck, Sara Flewelling, Matt Williams

1HR 53min

Showcasing Rotation Crops

With Maeve Mcinnis, Amber Lambke, Doug Winslow, Jason Grant

1HR 20min

Multipurpose Sourdough Virtual Workshop

With Ellie Markovitch and Amy Halloran

1Hr 36min

Bread Is Art

Instructional Video From Kerry Hanney and Emily Pappas


Ciril Hitz Opens His Workshop at the 2009 Kneading Conference

From the Kneading Conference Archives


Ellie Markovitch Shares Her Spelt Crust

Instructional Video from her Kitchen


Baking With Botanicals

with Susannah Gebhart

2hr 01min

Sourdough 101

With Jim Amaral 

2HR 6min