Flight Deck Brewing Co

Our wood-fired pizza is made using traditional methods in a beautiful copper-clad oven, built for us right here in Maine. All good pizza starts with the dough. That’s why we use The Good Crust® made in Skowhegan, with 100% Maine Grains®. Lucky for us, (and you), we have many local farms that provide us with delicious seasonal offerings that inspire a creative and rotating menu. 

The Miller’s Table at Maine Grains

The Miller’s Table at Maine Grains is a destination gathering place.  Located in Skowhegan’s Maine Grains gristmill with the Skowhegan Farmer’s Market right outside our doors, we showcase the all-natural and certified-organic grains milled onsite in our sourdough breads, rustic pastries, pizza dough, pasta, craft beer, spirits and more.  You will also find Crooked Face Creamery fresh ricotta and smoked cheeses, made right here onsite, in many of our dishes.

East Outlet Brewing Co

Now featuring flour from Maine Grains. Our pizza dough is very special; it’s made with a 86 year old sour dough yeast! We start by refreshing our yeast weekly then we mix yeast water and flour and let that ferment for 12 to 18 hours which creates the majority of the flavor. Then we mix more flour water and salt and let ferment again then we prep the pizza dough balls. The total time is 3 days to create this amazing flavored dough!

Local Ingredient Supplier: Crooked Face Creamery

Local Ingredient Supplier: Pineland Farms Dairy Company

Local Wood-fired Oven Supplier: Maine Wood Heat

Local Ingredient Supplier: Maine Grains

Local Dough Supplier: The Good Crust

The Maine Craft Pizza initiative celebrates Maine as a craft pizza destination by promoting the making and consumption of a pizza that: 

Features a dough sourced from a mill in Maine that uses locally grown grains

Includes toppings sourced seasonally from local farms

Is baked in a wood-fired oven using sustainable energy sources

Is served alongside Maine craft beer 

Flight Deck Brewing Co.

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Miller’s Table Cafe & Bakery

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East Outlet Brewing Co

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The Maine Craft Pizza

Founder’s Declaration

We, the founders of the Maine Craft Pizza concept, unite in commitment to a pizza-style that is defined by, and showcases the flavors of one’s OWN region in America’s favorite flatbread.

With values that encompass sustainable farming and energy practices, fresh ingredients grown nearby in each of Maine’s four seasons, and skilled craftsmanship, we challenge the notion that a pizza style must be defined by another culture’s style or ingredients shipped from far away.  We recognize the impact of sourcing ingredients in Maine helps us all, from farmers, to millers, cheesemakers to dough manufacturers, oven-builders to pizzaiolos…..and eaters taste the difference!

We propose that “Maine Craft Pizza” be hereby defined by 4-star criteria:

  • DOUGH sourced from a mill in Maine that uses locally grown grains 
  • TOPPINGS sourced in season from local farms
  • BAKED in a wood-fired oven using sustainable energy sources
  • Served with MAINE CRAFT BEER!

You know you are making Maine Craft pizza  when ingredients travel short distances, you know the farmer/producer of your ingredients, the menu changes with the seasons, and cost of goods fluctuates.


Maine Grain Alliance

Our mission is to inspire and empower people who are building local grain economies. We create connections and share grain traditions and innovations from earth to table.

The Good Crust

The  Good Crust is handmade frozen dough from 100% frsh stone-milled msine grains. Good for all the right reasons: high-quality ingredients, local sourcing, and a mission that matters.

Flight Deck Brewing Company

Located in the former Small Arms Firing Range on the re-developed Brunswick Naval Air Station (now called Brunswick Landing). Flight Deck has been named the “Best Tasting Room/Taproom in Maine” by Down East Magazine three times in a row.

Crooked Face Creamery

Handcrafted artisan cheese made in Maine with local Jersey milk, UpNorth Applewood Cold Smoked Ricotta and whole milk Herbed Ricotta, and aged Gouda-style cheese.

Maine Grains

Maine Grains manufactures locally grown stone-milled grains, a staple food in the human diet. Nature knows a good thing. We mill whole grain into flour that is unadulterated, perfectly fresh, and full of flavor.

Maine Wood Heat

For over thirty years, the mission of Maine Wood Heat has been to introduce high efficiency, environmentally friendly, clean burning, and health-giving wood burning masonry heater, cooking and baking systems to North America.