Jacqueline Eng

Holiday Pies with Partybus Bakeshop


November 23, 2020

Virtual Workshop

Appropriate For:

All levels


Jaqueline Eng of Partybus Bakeshop


Hand mixing pie dough and making pie fillings

Jaqueline Eng 

In this class you’ll learn the secrets to a perfect pie crust. Jacqueline will demonstrate how to hand-mix your dough and a foolproof way to roll and crimp your shells. Jacqueline will provide recipes ahead of time for anyone wishing to follow along with the demo, and during class she will discuss the importance ingredient selection. Once our shells are shaped, we will also walk through a few classic pie fillings step-by-step. Once class is through, you’ll have all the skills you need to make that Thanksgiving centerpiece you’ve been dreaming about… no store bought shell needed!

Meet The Baker:

Jacqueline Eng was not always a baker. In fact, it wasn’t until she was freelancing as a classical percussionist around New York City that she discovered a curiosity for baking. When the passion for hosting bake sale fundraisers overtook her drive to “practice practice practice” she knew it was time to take the leap and pursue a career in food. Jacqueline aims to spread love and knowledge about the benefits of using heritage grains and stone milled flours (She’ll talk your ear off if you give her the chance). Her mission is to push the boundaries of what you expect from your neighborhood bakery while maintaining an unrelenting standard for the classics you know and love. Prior to starting Partybus Bakeshop, Jacqueline was head baker for Altamarea Group. She honed her craft at New York hot spots including Petee’s Pie Co., Arcade Bakery, and the International Culinary Center.

Meet The Moderator:

Kylie Christensen, formerly a production coordinator for shows including “Beat Bobby Flay”, “American Chopper”, and “Live Rescue”, has been a part of the heart and soul of Partybus Bakeshop since day one. Kylie brings kindness and warmth, a great sense of humor, an exceptional enamel pin collection, and mad spreadsheet skills to her role as retail manager. Always ready for a mid-day dance party, Kylie wears many hats and she wears them well.

Additional Resources
What is the name of the company that sells pastry flour?
What do you think of the butter grating method?

This method works, but the butter must be very cold.

What about using a food processor?

A food processor can work great for making your dough. Jacqueline likes to use her hands and suggests others use their hands first to get a feel of what the dough should feel like.

I have a thick ceramic pie dish, and my pie crust sometimes feels soggy, almost not cooked all the way, any tips? Should I get a different pie dish?

The best way to use the thicker ceramic pie dishes is to blind bake your crust first, otherwise your dough may become too soggy or not thoroughly baked. You can also start your bake higher for 5-10 mins and then drop temp down.

What is the thickness of the dough we’re going for?

Quarter of an inch thickness

When you bake pie at home do you always use the thin aluminum foil pie pan?

Jaqueline does, as she knows the consistency of the bake so well with aluminum pie pans.

How many grams of pecan for one pie?

100g, pecan halves raw

Who makes the oven?

The brand is Revent.

Thank You!