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Quantity 12

Weight 95

Batch Size 1140


Bread Flour 100.0% 511 4 Cups 1# 2 oz

Sugar 17.6% 90 1/2 Cup 3.5 oz.

Baking Powder 3.7% 19 2 TBS .70 oz

Salt 1.0% 5 Pinch Pinch

Unsalted Butter 37.7% 193 3/4# 3 Sticks

Fruit 19.9% 102 1 1/2 Cups 12 oz

Eggs 11.1% 57 2 Eggs 2 Eggs

*Dairy 31.9% 163 1 1/4 Cups 10 oz.

222.9% 1140


A note about measurements: If you are serious home baker or professional use an electronic scale and adapt yourself to metric. It is accurate and much easier to use.

Cut butter into cubes and keep cold

Scale wet ingreidents separately and chill

Prepare fruit: chop fruit into small pieces and/or freeze berries

Combine dry ingredients

Add cold butter and rub into the dry ingredients into cornmeal stage

Add eggs and most of dairy Keep some dairy aside to hydrate as needed.

When most of wet is incorporated fold in all of the fruit.

Without over-mixing add enough dairy to feel a bit dry and not wet. A wet scone will not be biscuit like

Cut into 2 equal pieces, round and flatten with dome in the center

Egg wash and top with sugar

Cut into 6-8 equal pieces

Spread out onto sheet tray

Bake 375 degrees for 16-20 minutes

*Dairy – For a rich scone use heavy cream, for lower fat use buttermilk

This recipe was developed by Dara Reimers and taught at the 2011 Kneading Conference.