Fresh Milling Flour at Home Is a Game Changer


With Maria Speck, award-winning author of Ancient Grains for Modern Meals and Simply Ancient Grains 


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The Workshop:

Workshop: Date and time: Saturday May 15 – 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Fresh milling whole grains at home opens up a universe of flavors and textures in your kitchen. It adds a new dimension to all your baking—from simple pancakes and muffins to cookies, cakes, and slow sourdough breads. Fresh milling cornmeal for polenta, or rye for a quick porridge, will change your dinner fare forever. And your sourdough starter will be brought back to life. Learn all about the many uses of fresh milling, and the subtle aromas it adds to your table.

Maria was raised in Germany and Greece and has used a table-top mill since she started baking as a young adult. She will demonstrate the ease of fresh milling and answer questions about different mills and the sourcing of good grains and flours. She will demonstrate a new recipe for 4th of July, “Cornbread—Red, Rye, and Blue”, made with fresh milled rye, blueberries, and cranberries.


The Presenter:

Veteran food writer and journalist Maria Speck the author of Simply Ancient Grainsand Ancient Grains for Modern Meals (both by Ten Speed Press). Her work has received multiple awards, including a Julia Child and an M.F.K. Fisher cookbook award. Raised in Germany and Greece, Maria has a lifelong passion for whole grains. She has contributed to the new edition of Joy of Cooking and Modernist Bread as well as to numerous publications in both the US and Germany, including The Washington Post,Gourmet, Eating Well, Saveur, and Gastronomica. For more, join her on Instagram and check out her website.