Kitchen Sink Crackers


These are the crackers to make after a big round of bread making when you have a little bit of this and that left and need something with more crunch than all that stale bread sitting on your counter…

500 grams Red Fife (or substitute any tasty heritage whole wheat)

150 grams Rye

150 grams Buckwheat

150 grams Heirloom Cornmeal –coarse or fine

50 grams Sesame seeds

100 grams Pumpkin seeds

150 grams currants

40 grams Honey

60 grams unsalted butter

30 grams Sea Salt

5 grams Yeast


Mix with water to a kneadable dough texture and let ferment for 2 to 3 hours. (covered)

Divide into 10 ounce pieces. Let rest. Shape into rectangle before rolling out.
Roll out as thin as possible onto parchment (1/16 inch). Use flour as needed. Let proof half an hour.

Cut into desired shape. Bake 350F  or 315F convection until well browned. (15-20 minutes)

dawn woodward

Dawn Woodward

Evelyn’s Crackers
Dawn Woodward is a grain activist, committed to putting sustainable regional grains back on our tables. She started Evelyn’s Crackers in 2008. Evelyn’s, named after her daughter, is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Dawn sources directly from Ontario farmers and millers and is constantly developing different formulas for breads, crackers, pastries, baking mixes, cookies and more. In addition to leading the production at Evelyn’s Crackers, she has taught baking at George Brown Culinary College and was a keynote speaker at the WSU Grain Gathering in Mt. Vernon, where she has lead whole grain baking workshops for the past several years. Dawn can be found behind the cracker table at the Wychwood Farmers Market every Saturday and offers her services to businesses wanting to shift to small and regional grains.