Make Your Own Sourdough Bread Kit


Ever wonder about the magic of sourdough, but a bit worried to try? Wishing for something new to bake? Let us help guide you through baking a sourdough bread!

Support the Maine Grain Alliance and indulge your love of sourdough by purchasing a kit of everything you will need to make delicious sourdough bread. You’ll even get to enjoy a few tasty treats!

The COVID-19 pandemic has got us thinking about a lot ways to continue to foster community and education around grains.  Sourdough bread baking has been a wonderful way to relieve stress and to support our regional grain economy. Our "Make Your Own Sourdough Bread" kit will help guide you through how to make the most of stone ground flour, baking tools, and resources.  We are also offering a 50% discount to two upcoming workshops where you can learn to bake sourdough breads and crackers from the expert bakers Jim Amaral and Jeff and Lisa Dec. We hope you enjoy!