Sourdough 101 & Baking With Whole Grains


With Jim Amaral, Owner of Borealis Breads 

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MARCH 13TH 2021




Experience Level: All baking levels can learn something from this workshop

This class will taught by renowned baker and owner of Borealis Breads, Jim Amaral! Jim with demonstrate the basics of sourdough baking, including how to create and maintain your own starters, how to hand mix, knead, stretch, proof and shape your sourdough bread and how to use the autolyse process and extended fermentations to enhance the quality of your bread. We will also discuss baker’s percentages and how to use them to easily create your own bread formulas. We will explore different baking options such as baking in a loaf pan on a stone or in a Dutch oven and will cover the three types of heat at play in the bread baking process. In addition we will talk about the importance of ingredient selection and show you how to incorporate whole grains such as rye, oats and corn into your sourdough loaf.


Made possible thanks to the generous sponsorhsip of Maine Grains.

Meet The Baker: Jim Amaral

Jim is the founder and owner of Borealis Breads, the iconic artisan bakery here in Maine. He was the first major producer of artisan bread in the state after a long hiatus. He has been a leader in the return to local whole grain flour and has “voted with his feet” and incorporated these flours into his product line. He has been a longtime supporter of MGA and a frequent presenter at the Kneading Conference on a wide range of topics. To develop the use of local grains further, he participated in a major baking test of flours produced from grains grown on experimental plots in northern New England. He was also part of the team that developed the standardized baking procedures used. 

Meet The Moderator: Dusty

Dusty has been a lifelong advocate for Real Bread.  He presented at the first Kneading Conference and then subsequently helped found the Maine Grain Alliance.  Dusty is a recently retired professor from UMO where he earned the College Distinguished Teacher award. As a scientist, he keeps up with and shares research underlying baking and grain agriculture.  He opened a bakery out of his home and he shares what he learns as MGA’s Grain Education Director. Dusty is also the director of the Artisan Bread Fair and the Big Bake at the Common Ground Country Fair, where he is on the board of MOFGA.  As MGA continues to evolve, Dusty finds the talent and devotion of the Board members inspiring.