Sourdough Crakers



The Workshop:

Join Jeff and Lisa Dec of Brazen Baking, a wholesale family baking operation in Rockport, ME., as they discuss and demonstrate sourdough cracker making.  They will share how and why they have come to add crackers to their baking lineup.  They will explore the grain types, varieties, and milling grades they use, with a focus on dough handling qualities and product texture.  Topics will include basic sourdough maintenance, approaches to culturing sourdough for crackers, and other strategies to incorporate whole grain nutrition into crackers.  Jeff will share a base recipe as template for creating your own custom designed sourdough cracker. Also, considered will be sweeteners and enrichments as they impact handling, texture, and storage.  Jeff and Lisa will demonstrate a couple of mixing approaches, some benchwork strategies for rolling and cutting, and an overview of the mechanical assistance they use to simplify the workload. After baking off the crackers, Jeff and Lisa will evaluate the product while sharing storage experience, snacking tips, and the impacts of sourdough and leavening.   

Meet the Presenters:


Jeff and Lisa met at the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine.

Their mutual love of bread making spawned Brazen Baking.

As every seed strives to be more, so nature intends…

Brazen Baking combines flour, water, salt, time, and touch to highlight the natural sweetness of whole grains.
We value traditional methods that unlock whole grain energy and nutrition. Culturing, fermenting, scalding, soaking, and sprouting are used to craft breads that provide balanced energy and taste great. Sourcing locally grown supports a thriving and resilient community.

We love to bake and hope you love our breads.