NY-Style Thin Crust

Restaurant-Caliber Pizza from a Home Oven.

Kneading Conference, July 25, 2013, Skowhegan, Maine

Andrew Janjigian, Associate Editor, Cook’s Illustrated Magazine


NY-Style Thin Crust

Yield: 2 – 390g dough balls, for 12-13″ pies.

460g high-gluten flour or bread flour (100%)

300g ice-cold water (65%)

9g sugar (2%)

1g instant yeast (0.25%)

2g diastatic malt powder (0.5%)

7g vegetable oil (1.5%)

10g salt (2.2%)

– Food processor with metal blade or stand mixer (works best if doubled or tripled)

– mix until uniform without salt

– 20m autolyse

– mix until smooth (1-2 min in FP; 8-10 min medium speed in mixer).

– transfer to well-oiled container, seal, and refrigerate for 3 to 5 days (3 is ideal).

– “24h” version – increase IDY to 0.5% (2.3g)

– “48h” version – increase IDY to 0.35% (1.6g)

– Shape into balls 6-8 hours before baking and return to fridge, or 2 hours before and leave at RT.