“Dear Members,

How is your winter baking proceeding?  I’ve been making bagels again this winter, see the blog posting for “Bagels Episode 7”  if you are so inspired.  Bagels are pretty easy to make, prepare a sponge, rest, knead, shape, ferment overnight.  The following morning, boil and bake and magic for breakfast!


The King Arthur catalog came to the house the other day with their recipe of the year… bagels (with egg, cheese, and cream cheese sandwiched) https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/ultimate-sandwich-bagels-recipe ..  aha!  Another challenge.  Their method is slightly different, a different and thicker starter, and their timing is such that the bagels are produced later in the day.  Still delicious!


Their bagels are smaller and instead of the 128g bagels that I call for in my recipe, I may do the next batch at 100g.


Pictures of bagels and the other baking adventures are shared with the MGA “Rookie Baking Club…  Tristan Noyes (Executive Director), Kayla Starr (Program Director), and me…  we share our successes and our near misses, fun for all.  So much fun that I invite you, our members, to submit your winter baking challenge, recipes, pictures, etc.  We will create a blog posting of the fun that we are all having, as well as those items that fed the woodland creatures.


You don’t have to be fancy or accomplished, just willing to try and willing to share.  Submit your stories to Debbie Hight dhight@tds.net. 


I’m currently working on my winter challenge, stay tuned!!!


Happy baking,

Debbie Hight

Chair, Maine Grain Alliance